Management is the social science that studies and systematizes the practices used to manage or manage businesses, people or resources, in order to achieve defined goals.

Diagnosis of internationalization opportunities

Characterization of international markets

Strategic Internationalization Plans

Prospecting for potential clients

time to open the doors to the world

diagnosis of internationalization opportunities

With globalization, the need for companies to invest in new forms of subsistence in the market has become urgent, not only through innovation and different means of action, but above all by investing in the international expansion of their businesses. In this sense, DIGINEXT’s initial intervention, within the integrated support for business internationalization, is based on the identification and exploitation of associated opportunities, aimed at companies wishing to market their product (s) or make available their products. their service (s) in foreign markets.

To this end, we carry out diagnostics related to the internal capabilities of organizations, namely regarding production factors, the characteristics of current and possible future business models, as well as the potential of implementing products / services in different markets.

Through the information produced in this embryonic phase, which, however, is fundamental for a prior assessment of the feasibility, relevance and success of a future expansion strategy, it will be possible to determine “if, with what and where” to internationalize.


characterization of international markets

After the diagnosis of the opportunity to implement an internationalization strategy, and the inherent identification of the market (s) to be reached, it will be essential to characterize the same (s), taking into account the area of business and customer sector.

The quality of the research tools and procedures we use and knowledge of existing markets, ensuring confidence to our customers, providing them with basic information regarding the characteristics and conditions of the receiving market, as well as the data inherent to competition (supply), customers. potential (demand) and the regulation and specificities of the same (s).

The characterization of foreign markets thus involves: global and sectoral analysis, competitive and potential customer (B2B) analysis, study of demand trends and habits, regulatory scrutiny, barriers to entry, and distribution and promotion channels, among others.

time to plan

strategic internationalization plans

For us, the success of our client and the fulfillment of their ambitions are important, as regards their desire to internationalize their products or services.

Therefore, we have the specialized resources necessary to develop its management and commercial intervention capacities to be adopted to internationalize foreign markets, together with the creation of essential conditions for the sustained and harmonious growth of the company and its competitive advantages. Our company intervenes, in particular, in the following components of strategic scope:

  1. Market segmentation;
  2. Definition of the target audience;
  3. Market positioning;
  4. Adjustment to product (s) and prices;
  5. Development of communication content;
  6. Establishment of distribution channels;
  7. Marketing strategy, including
  8. Digital Economy;
  9. Planning and budgeting of strategies to implement;
  10. Preparation of contingency plans.

prospects for prospecting customers

DIGINEXT’s multidisciplinary team has solid experience in identifying, selecting and prospecting partners, customers and agents from various sectors and international markets, aiming at the rapid establishment of export activity for B2B companies.

Taking into account the selected recipient market (s), the defined target and the product positioning and placement strategies, we proceed, through access to the most reliable international companies databases, with the identification and selection of potential customers.

The delimitation of the universe of clients to contact results from the use of business-specific criteria, as well as location, size, results and financial risk, among others, and a list of companies and their main data (address, contact phone, email, website).

Prospecting potential customers may also integrate, with a view to simplifying and implementing the internationalization process in the short term, technical customer support services that include:

Relocation of our professionals to companies from foreign markets;
Participation and visits to international fairs to prospect and attract customers;
Making contacts with potential international clients, with a view to knowing the client’s offer.