“Your Brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room 
(Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon)


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logos and stationary

The Logo is your visual identity, the face of your company or brand, and the first impression your customers (and potential customers) have of your values ​​and work.

How many times have you come across a company that later proved to be extremely professional and reliable, but whose logo conveyed none of that? Some for sure.

In our company, we understand the potential of a good logo in communication and the value of a company. Our projects are always designed for different media (web and physical). Whatever your business, we are the right partner to help you create a strong and coherent identity, using the most varied design techniques and tools, executed by experienced and highly creative professionals.

The Stationary understands all the graphic identity of a company. It is a conveying element of corporate identity that, like the logo, must be used consistently and to illustrate the brand it represents.

Stationary includes stationery, envelopes, business cards, brochures, letterhead, digital signature, office supplies and other ways to advertise the brand. These media are intended to enhance communication and brand image, making it consistent and facilitating public association.



  1. Analysis of the market where the brand is inserted, the target audience and the different formats

  2. Through the development of concepts and ideas, Diginext focuses on what best fits the brand and its products / services, highlighting the concepts and ideas to which the target audience is most receptive and accepting.

  3. Creation and development of stationary and logo proposals (original, dynamic, impactful and simultaneously functional)

    We give your business the professional image it needs!


  1. Analysis of company positioning;
  2. Identification and definition of attributes that the corporate image should convey;
  3. Study of competition;
  4. Selection of graphic contents (fonts, drawings, symbols) that convey the desired attributes;
  5. Creation of proposals for evaluation;
  6. Customer choice and preparation of other communication material.
Passing Values to Customers

corporative image

The “face” of a company, organization or institution is the “branding” that allows it to be recognized by the market.

The main purpose of Corporate Image (also nicknamed corporate identity or branding) is to reflect the most important and distinctive values, vision and attributes, so that it can convey trust, credibility, seriousness, security, innovation or at least some of these concepts in an integrated way, thus enabling a broader reach of the target audience. It is also important that the image developed is somewhat simple, clear and impactful, giving visual pleasure, not allowing the message to be lost with the briefness of a glance.

A good corporate image is of utmost importance to make it striking in the mind of any customer. By being designed and developed by professionals, it helps to convey a secure image of your products or services. Our company is dedicated to developing the corporate identity of your company, making it special, unique and with a distinctive mark of value.

Corporate identity is not just a logo or a company name. It should reflect everything from the quality of your products, services, marketing strategies and media.


web design

The websites we produce combine dynamic and interactive design with the communication strategies of our clients’ companies, giving them a great competitive advantage as it increases the level of customer satisfaction.

For the production of an aesthetically pleasing website, our company looks forward to providing a panoply of eye-catching templates that are carefully selected or created according to its design material (logo, stationary, etc.) respecting the color palette and chosen designs, always based on the increasingly demanding needs of our customers.

The work of our web designers thus takes into account the image of the company and the market in which it operates.


  1. Online competition study;
  2. Collection of customer preferences / goals;
  3. Strategy definition;
  4. Choice of layout – template – HTML and PHP;
  5. Formatting and animation – CSS;
  6. Execution and availability online.


  1. We check if there are companies with similar name and activity already registered;
  2. We gather all company data and documents;
  3. We have applied for the trademark registration, fully following up to the conclusion of the process.
solid foundations for growth

products and brands

Creating a good brand name is one of the most important, most difficult and most time-consuming tasks in the brand building process. Branding is one of the most important assets of a company and it is critical to ensure that the names created are in line with the brand strategy. This means that names must convey vision, scope, positioning, character and the core idea of ​​the brand, whether it is a product / service or a company. In addition, it is important to ensure that the name you choose can be registered at national and / or international level.

Our company assists in the preparation for the registration of trademarks (INPI), assuring our customers the advantages inherent to this registration, namely:

– Exclusivity: preventing third parties, without their consent, from producing, manufacturing, selling or exploiting the trademark commercially and economically;

– Security and Legality: guarantees to the owner of the brand its compliance and legality, avoiding the payment of a possible fine for infringement and usurpation of a brand name and / or plagiarism;

– Revenue: through licensing to third parties or expansion of activity and receipt of royalties;

– Customer Loyalty: Customers, by identifying the brand, create a close relationship with it, giving it greater notoriety.