“Getting a quality website is not an expenses but rather an investment.”
Dr. Christopher Dayagdag


Institutional Websites
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Social Network Management
(Digital Marketing)

online presence

institutional websites and

Nowadays, for a company to subsist in the market where it operates, it is essential to create a connection with its audience, which can be achieved through the provision of a website. The websites we create and develop incorporate the latest web technologies, striving to strike a compromise between performance (website optimization), usability (intuitive navigation), SEO (indexing on major search engines) and aesthetics. These technologically advanced solutions are the result of ongoing research and analysis by our computer and design team.

We are dedicated to the creation of institutional websites whose main objective is to integrate information about the company (presentation, mission, vision and values), products / services, as well as location and contacts. In addition, our service also includes making the website available in at least two languages, a mandatory condition for companies wishing to internationalize.

The online market is increasingly present in the daily lives of consumers, due to its numerous advantages, one of which is distance trading, which allows individuals to buy products or services without having to resort to physical stores.

With a view to broadening your business activity, we have created online stores called e-commerce in which we provide the products and services your company intends to market, including secure payment methods (Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Mbway, ATM, among others). ) and responsive and intuitive layouts.

This is made available in at least two languages ​​which clearly contributes to further spread of your business and thus to reaching more sales which is crucial for companies looking to open up. to international trade.

As the lack of specialized resources is a constant in companies, which leads to a trend towards the gradual outdating of websites, and consequent loss of value, our company also maintains content that streamlines this process, ensuring the updating of the websites. therefore maximizing their value to the company. In addition to the systematic updating of information, we ensure the sustainability of the website over a long period of time by adapting it to emerging innovations (eg new browser versions) as well as mobile devices (computer, smartphone, tablet).

Target Audience

company database

Trying to establish business contacts with those who are not interested is wasting time and wasting company resources. To this end, part of our company’s mission is to provide your customer with all the tools essential for initiating an internationalization process. In addition to the provision of customer prospecting services, a filtering and selection process is also carried out to maximize results and minimize resources, based on the number of employees, management data, turnover, level among others, which result in the creation and availability of a database. This whole process is performed using a set of digital tools that allow the manipulation of data with safety, quality and updating. We know that a good database is an essential prerequisite for implementing a successful internationalization strategy, so we have created a service that is tailored to our customer’s needs.


digital content

To promote your business we develop a set of digital content, such as institutional videos, motion graphics, animations, among others, contributing to the spread of your company and creating a proximity with your audience. All of them can be applied to the most varied businesses and in the most diversified strategies.

Institutional videos, created with high quality, have the main purpose of propagating the brand, providing essential information about the company, captivating customer attention, aiming to enhance the company’s success and bring credibility and notoriety to the company.

In addition to these we also create animations that, due to their intrinsic characteristics, tend to be more interactive, creative and dynamic and consequently are more likely to captivate and propagate the company to the target audience.


social network management (digital marketing)

Social networks are currently one of the main means to reach the target audience. Consumers are increasingly seeking to know the brands, to understand the origin of products and services, to know the opinion of other consumers, which factors differentiate a particular company from the competition, not being satisfied just by buying in online store. Being present in these platforms is therefore paramount and the company should consider them as a marketing strategy.

If you don’t have the resources to properly create, implement and manage your social networks, this is the ideal service for you. Our company studies the best strategy, creates and disseminates the content essential for your business to grow and receive positive customer interaction.